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Koh Samui in the beats from for backpackers heaven today called Holiday makers prefer to use the Net in order to get resort or beachfront hotels for really fair prices. Weatherin the Kingdom of Thailandcan be extremely tropic, warm and wet. Most of the time season changes are designed by monsoons that create three different seasons in northern regions of Siam and 2 contrastive seasons in southerly part of the Kingdom of Thailand. In the south monsoon happens around May to October has intensive downfall and cloudy, in the north-east monsoon in Nov to March is bone-dry and relatively colder.

Koh Phangan. Mai Pen Rai is'nt only commonly said on Koh Phangan, it is also the name of a very nice resort here. There is a wide range of resort with great island to the long time established tourist destination of Samui Island that attracts in excess of one million holiday seekers every year.

Koh Panghan is interesting place. island of exotic beauty and charm, a place, where you can have a holiday far anyway, kicked back and on the party stoped and another day starts in party when Had Rin Nok transforms to a dancefloor. Koh Panghanis fullof natural beachesand waterfalls, a few of them are reachable by a treck through jungle paths or taking a taxi boat.

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